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Euryale ferox(Gorgon Fruit)

Euryale ferox(Gorgon Fruit)


Euryale ferox (also known as Makhana in Hindi and Punjabi, fox nut, foxnut, "thangjing" in Meeteilon i.e. Manipuri, makhana, nikori (in Assamese), Onibas (Onibasu) in Japanese or gorgon nut) is the only extant species in the genus Euryale. It is a flowering plant classified in the water lily family, Nymphaeaceae, although it is occasionally regarded as a distinct family Euryalaceae. Unlike other water lilies, the pollen grains of Euryale have three nuclei



The raw seeds have a caloric value that is quite close to the one of staple foods such as wheat rice and other cereals. Makhana represents an outstanding source of carbohydrates, proteins and minerals. 100 g of popped kernels means 12.8 moisture, 76.9 carbohydrates, 9.7 proteins, 0.1 fat, 0.02 calcium, 0.9 phosphorus and 0.0014 iron. Traditional Chinese herbalists claimed that makhana is somehow more nutritious than certain dry fruits like almond, walnut and coconut with regard to sugar, proteins, ascorbic acid and phenol. Thus, these seeds are low in saturated fats, sodium and cholesterol and have a substantial amount of minerals such as magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.


Thanks to the high content of fiber, constipation can be easily avoided. The fiber in the makhana seeds aids the body to expel waste and blocks the accumulation of toxins. The plant is well-recommended in treating digestive problems for all age groups because it is packed with astringent properties that contribute to reducing diarrhea and enhancing appetite. It is a significant source of flavonoids which are actually antioxidants that inhibit the harmful effects of free radicals in the body. These are also highly effective in stopping the occurrence of inflammations in the body. Free radicals are extremely dangerous and constitute the central trigger of numerous degenerative diseases such as heart problems, diabetes mellitus and cancers. The Makhana plant is also called the anti-aging food. The existence of such powerful antioxidants also hinders aging, an adverse effect caused by free radicals in the body.


It also serves as an aphrodisiac because it improves the quality of semen. Moreover, by consuming Euryale ferox, one can also increase the quantity of semen. It can reduce the chances of premature ejaculation, it arouses libido and acts as an aid in female problems like infertility. The seeds are consumed to build resistance against dysentery and decrease frequent urination and they are also beneficial for people who suffer from hypertension.


This is highly possible because fox nuts are low in sodium and high in potassium. It stabilizes blood pressure and alleviates numbness. Due to the fact that the seeds are low in calories, fat and high in fiber, they can be consumed by diabetic people. Other medicinal uses include curing insomnia, palpitations and irritability, strengthening the heart, treating anemia, restoring the normal functions of the spleen and kidneys, increasing moisture level in tissues etc.


Further investigations need to be conducted so as to fully understand the beneficial effects of this plant. As a result, consult your health-care provider before adding Euryale ferox to your favourite bowl of cereal or soup! Despite its highly nutritious content herbal remedies like this may cause dangerous side effects if they interact with other medication!

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