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Sophora Japonica

Sophora Japonica


Sophora japonica, also known as Huai Hua Mi, is edible and often used as a cool Chinese herb to stop bleeding. But the benefits of pagoda tree go far beyond its medicinal uses – its flowers can be used as yellow dye, seeds as industrial oil, fruits as a source of sophorose and rutin drugs, and trunks as the timber for construction of buildings, shipbuilding, farming implements and furniture. What’s more, it has long been planted as shade tree thanks to its rapid growth rate and an immense size. However, in an herbalist’s mind’s eye nothing but its health benefits really matter.



As stated, sophora japonica flower and bud are good at stopping bleeding by astringency; fruit is expert in stopping bleeding and lowering blood pressure; root bark and leaf are skilled in curing sore. In addition, its shoots and seedling are also used medicinally. According to Ben Cao Gang Mu (Compendium of Materia Medica), its newborn shoots and seedling can be consumed as vegetable or tea. And Bao Pu Zi, literally “Book of the Master Who Embraces Simplicity”, and Ming Yi Bie Lu (Appendant Records of Famous Physicians) say that this herb is one of the best brain tonics, which can improve hair color and live longer if only people take it earlier. Now there are many different sophora japonica products on sale, including sophora japonica supplement, capsules, extract, pills, and more. So, does it really work? Apparently the answer can be found from its pharmacology.

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